Dreams mean different things to different people, for Shoe Couturier Nidhi Bhandari, dreams always wore a different pair of shoe. The creative-head behind her namesake label ‘Nidhi Bhandari’, Nidhi is the latest entrant on the National Fashion scenario. The shoe-designer whose label specializes in pret-a-porter as well as couture has her Flagship store in Pune and looks forward to adding more stores on the National trajectory.

Pune’s own contribution to the nouveau shoe designing industry in India, Nidhi believes in drawing inspiration from absolutely anything that sparks her creativity. Be it the cultural landscaping of her home-town, conversations with thought leaders or a glance through fashion bibles, Nidhi has always been an avid reader, follower and believer of the Fashion Business. A fashionista herself, her love for shoes started when she was very young. Possessing close to almost 75 pairs, Nidhi would often observe the shoe-choices of the people around her, assessing their personality types in accordance, taking notes and observing international trends.

A naturally endowed artiste, Nidhi was an architect by proffession, before the creative streak in her turned her attention towards etching out her own unique style on shoes instead of concrete landscaping. Her interest to set her imprint on the Fashion Market, saw Nidhi traveling overseas to study at the London College of Fashion. At the Mecca of Fashion Nidhi mastered her skill at various disciplines of the business from Shoe Making and Footwear Designing to Business and Entrepreneurship.

London, saw the budding designer meet people from various cultures thus interacting with them on creative ideas, various customer pockets and market influencers. The curls of the fabrics, the clink of the hammer and nails and the feel of a newly created shoe-piece solidified Nidhi’s entrepreneurial dreams, and the young designer returned to India to launch her own label.

A penchant towards mastering all aspects of the Business, Nidhi is meticulous maintaining a keen eye. From the design and the colors to the sourcing of materials and maintaining the seasonal demand and supply, her Creative Fashion heart is matched with an astute business mind. A modest inclination to follow the unprecedented International Fashion scenario, Nidhi keeps her inspiration in line with trends yet in-tune with the fashion sensibilities of the savvy Indian customer.

With a dream to create a brand that is ornate, in-vogue and customized, Nidhi keeps her collection inspired and savvy. When she is not busy designing Nidhi loves trying out new cuisines and following world trends. She is also an avid dancer and loves shopping for her favorite labels.

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Every pair of shoes is a personal style statement and for the true connoisseur, nothing says fine couture better than a pair of tailor-made shoes. Nidhi Bhandari offers bespoke creations that are specially designed to suit your needs, outfits and occasions as well.

Choose from an exotic range of materials, fabrics and embellishments to create a pair as unique as you. Whether it is chic footwear to match your bridal collection or just a personalized design to reflect your creative flair, Nidhi Bhandari will shape your vision into an elegant shoe story for you to show off!


Nothing is more important for shoes than the right kind of shoe care, to maintain their appearance, comfort and value. We’ve put together a few tips on proper shoecare for you so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite NB’s for longer

Clean the shoes to be stored with a duster or a dry household cloth. Remove any dust or mud sticking to it.

Polish your leather shoes regularly to preserve moisture and maintain shine.

Waterproof your suede shoes and use a soft bristled brush to lightly lift away dirt.

Rotate your shoes by wearing a different pair every other day. This will help your shoes last longer and wear less.

To avoid curling and cracking of the upper of your shoe, always stuff them with paper. It helps to maintain the shape.

When traveling, use shoe bags; this will prevent the soiling from getting in touch with your clothing.

Tag the boxes. You can put stickers on the boxes to explaining what shoes are in it.

Store your products in the ‘NB’ dust bag provided to you when not in use.

If you have leather soles and don’t want to slip, cut open a potato and rub it into the sole of the shoe. This will give you enough grip to stay upright.

When you wear new shoes you have to adjust your footsteps as new shoes may introduce new movements. Foot beds are adjusted according to your weight and walking so do not worry if your foot beds are hard a little at start

Always clean your feet before wearing shoes.

Shoes worn for longer period causes pain, blisters and other conditions, to avoid this moisturize your legs and feet everyday. Taking good care of your shoes is as important as taking good care of your feet.

Always keep your feet protected even at home by wearing socks or a pair of soft rubber slippers.


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